About Pharmanest

Pharmanest is a Stockholm-based pharmaceutical company specialized in developing products for local pain relief in obstetrics and gynecology.

Pharmanest AB is a privately-held  pharmaceutical company focused on women’s health.  Pharmanest’s lead product, SHACT, is a proprietary short-acting formulation of lidocaine for mucosal pain relief.

SHACT’s lead indication is the treatment of pain during intrauterine device (“IUD”) placement.  Pharmanest’s initial focus has been to develop and commercialize SHACT for the European and US markets using this as a platform for further penetration of the remaining worldwide markets.

In a Phase II trial, SHACT demonstrated statistically and clinically significant pain relief associated with IUD placement. Pharmanest is also developing SHACT in other gynecological indications including hysteroscopy where a feasibility study has been successfully conducted.