There is a significant unmet medical need to prevent pain

IUD placement – an increasingly common form of contraception

Some 170 million women around the world have an IUD today, and millions of women experience pain and discomfort during IUD placement. According to UN estimates, approximately 15 million women are using intrauterine contraception in the US and EU, and ~4 million IUDs are inserted every year.  Pharmanest anticipates substantial growth in both the US and EU.

There are currently very few satisfactory pain treatment options available, and no established standard of care for managing pain associated with the insertion of an IUD.

Better pain relief can reduce healthcare costs

Many gynecological procedures such as hysteroscopy and biopsies are often carried out under general anesthesia, but given the focus on decreasing costs in the health care sector these procedures are being performed more and more outside of the hospital.  

Hysteroscopy, in particular, is being  performed more and more often in an outpatient setting and  the primary reason for failure is pain.

Market surveys point to strong sales potential

A majority of patients and doctors surveyed by Pharmanest were very positive to the benificial properties of SHACT and expressed they would be willing to use the product.